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Evaluation Specialists (Worldwide)
Proposal and Technical Writers


USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP) seeks to save lives in times of crisis and sow the seeds for longer term development through food assistance. Food assistance programs meet immediate food needs of people in crisis, tackle chronic undernutrition, and help the most vulnerable break the cycle of poverty and hunger through agriculture and livelihoods support. More information about Food for Peace’s work can be found here: http://www.usaid.gov/what-we-do/agriculture-and-food-security/food-assistance.

To help communicate the positive impact these programs have had in the past 60 years, and FFP’s role as a global leader in food assistance, the FFP communications team requires an experienced Videographer to create an approximately 2-4 minute video capturing successes to date. The video should celebrate past success and also look forward. It will be used in conjunction with an upcoming 60th anniversary event in late July 2014. The video will also be placed on the USAID website/YouTube page and is expected to be used for future events and other communication functions.

The objectives for this support are to provide FFP with one approximately 2—4 minute video that weaves together existing footage from USAID and USAID’s food assistance partners, potential original footage from the videographer, as well as still images and text.
USAID will help collect the video footage, and if necessary recommend a country to travel to for original footage. Potential options for transitions between clips include slides with simple text and/or photos pulled from Food for Peace’s Flickr feed that help highlight our work and provide background and color to the overall message (TBD pending discussion with the selected videographer).

The period of performance is from o/a May 1, 2014 to July 10, 2014. The tentative schedule (to be refined based on consultations with the videographer) is listed below:

  • April 28-May 9, 2014: Videographer selection, preliminary meeting(s), recommended clips identified.
  • June 16, 2014: Rough cut available for inputs from FFP.
  • June 25, 2014: Second rough cut available for inputs from FFP.
  • July 3, 2014: Revised/fine cut made available for approvals/minor changes.
  • July 8, 2014: Final files delivered to the FFP Communications Team.


One approximately 2-4 minute video highlighting inclusive of the following two formats: one web-ready file for usage on the internet (e.g., YouTube and similar sites); and one full resolution file via DVD for playback at larger-scale events.

FFP requests you submit the following items when responding to this Scope of Work using the subject line Videographer as soon as possible to resumes@amexdc.com:

  • An updated resume
  • USAID 1420 Form
  • Video samples
  • Proposed budget
  • Story ideas for this video request

Applicants that do not meet the specified requirements above will not be considered. Qualified applicants will be contacted upon review of application; please, no phone calls. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will close once the position is filled.

Evaluation Specialists (Worldwide)

AMEX holds a contract with the USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) to perform a variety of evaluation activities worldwide. This work is carried out primarily for various overseas USAID missions, but occasionally is in and for the Washington, DC agency headquarters. The tasks assigned under this mechanism span multiple countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Annually, about 90% of the evaluations are performance evaluations. and the rest are impact evaluations.

AMEX seeks individuals, as well as companies and organizations, that are experienced in evaluation and data collection work—from all countries.

The work has been heavily involved in designing and implementing both quantitative and qualitative evaluation studies and assessments. This evaluation work often focuses on specific sectors or cuts across sector and technical areas, such as economic growth; agriculture and trade; education and training; conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance; health and nutrition; environment and natural resources; democracy and governance; urban programs; and women in development. All work is dictated by task orders periodically issued by USAID and is primarily short-term (a few weeks or months at a time).

We are asked to do performance evaluations, impact evaluations, evaluation case studies, meta-evaluations, cross-sector and multi-country evaluations and other evaluative studies. These generally include evaluations that identify lessons learned about which development interventions work and which do not. In addition, the broad evaluation services under this project require skills in evaluation research design (including quantitative impact evaluation methods, experimental and quasi experimental design, and qualitative methods); data collection, analysis, and synthesis; report writing;and planning for use and dissemination of evaluation findings.

Our consultants are generally asked to design and facilitate independent rigorous performance evaluations of USAID-funded country programs, projects, and activities, and then to conduct data collection and analysis and produce reports on evaluation findings that are clear and accessible to multiple audiences. They are expected to

  • Determine whether projects are achieving the intended results and identify mid-project corrections where appropriate
  • Determine whether the needs of intended customers are being served
  • Determine why unexpected progress, either positive or negative, is occurring

Candidates must be able to work with their teammates to:

  • Identify evaluation questions that assess specific programs
  • Determine methodologies for sampling
  • Determine methodologies for data collection and analysis
  • Create data collection instruments
  • Collect or supervise the collection of data outlined in the methodology
  • Determine formats for recording and reporting findings

If you are interested in having us include your resume in our database as a short-term (or long-term) consultant, please email the following items to us as soon as you can: your most current and complete resume and a completed AMEX Evaluation Skills Summary form. Send these to resumes@amexdc.com, with the email subject line: Evaluation. In your covering email or cover letter, please cite the sectors or technical areas in which you have mostly done evaluations. If you are a company or organization, please send a cover letter, information about your company or organization, and the name and title of a person whom we can contact.

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Proposal and Technical Writers
AMEX is preparing proposals on international evaluation, training, development, and trade projects and seeks qualified persons to help AMEX home-office staff in one or more of the following tasks: analyzing procurements and formulating response strategies and concepts; undertaking relevant research; drafting technically sound proposals in response to the RFPs; and developing work plans, activities, and performance indicators. The positions are short-term.

Candidates must have and describe successful track records in having developed funded proposals from USAID, other US Government agencies, or other international funding agencies.

Minimum qualifications include: 10 years of solid knowledge and technical expertise in any field of international assistance and development; six years of related and successful proposal writing experience; proven experience in designing international development assistance projects, work plans, or activities; clear understanding of, and experience with, local international government issues; international development program concepts and performance requirements.

Please email a resume and cover letter that highlights your experience as it relates to the required skills to resumes@amexdc.com with the subject line Proposal Writer.

AMEX International, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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