Devising effective community based solutions that address the core causes of conflict in fragile states or crisis situations

Conflict and war disrupt every facet of life in a country, reducing access to health care and education, destroying infrastructure, and sharply decreasing economic opportunities. They present countries and donors alike with a host of challenges that are exponentially more difficult than those faced by developing countries at peace.

Founded by two brothers with first-hand knowledge of conflict in their native Guinea, AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) has extensive experience with conflict management programs. The AMEX team employs a community-based and holistic approach to conflict management and mitigation, working with multiple stakeholders and engaging in multi-sectoral and multi-leveled processes. Their expert interventions promote democracy and good governance, jump-start economic growth, encourage responsible natural resource management, guide and assist security sector reform, advance social development, and foster peace building.

AMEX offers a broad range of technical expertise:

  • Early warning assessments
  • Capacity building training programs
  • Institutional support services
  • Conflict management and mitigation
  • Program management
  • Security sector reform including military, security, police, justice, and penal systems

Under the Instability, Crisis and Recovery Program (ICRP) IQC, the firm led a consortium of organizations to support USAID missions and offices in all aspects of conflict management, conflict mitigation, and the integration of conflict-sensitive approaches into development and peace-building interventions.

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