Acquiring mission critical equipment and agricultural commodities for worldwide delivery to meet urgent client needs and stem humanitarian crises.

AMEX has purchased and shipped more than 6 million metric tons of agricultural products under the U.S. government’s Public Law 480 Title I and Title II, Section 416(b) program; the Food for Progress program; and, the Export Enhancement Program. AMEX’s rapid response in delivery of critical food aid has helped to alleviate food shortages and to ease the transition to democracy and free-market economies.

Services provided by AMEX include:

  • Market research on prices and availability of items to be purchased
  • Analysis of quotations received from various suppliers
  • Arrangement of commodity purchases, ocean transportation, bagging at destination, inland transportation, air freight, and insurance
  • Preparation of commodity and freight invitations for bids and evaluation of offers
  • Negotiation with suppliers and ship owners
  • Preparation of export shipping documents, charter parties, and booking notes
  • Arrangement of commodity inspection
  • Assistance in the establishment of letters of credit
  • Regular analyses of commodity prices and market conditions

Procurement and Shipping

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