USAID operates dozens of country offices, or missions, around the world. Each of these missions hosts dozens of staff members, and each of them must stay on the cutting edge in their specialties and maintain familiarity with changing USAID procedures and policies. In other words, USAID has a great deal of need for extensive staff training programs.

Under a $2 million contract, AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) provided a team to support USAID’s regional Human Resource Development Assistance Project (HRDA) in the design, implementation, and evaluation of participant training and in-country training programs in Africa. Tapping into the firm’s program management skills, AMEX assessed stakeholder needs at institutional levels for training plan development, private sector training needs, and local training providers. It developed mechanisms for showing the impact of USAID’s training efforts, country training strategies, multi-year plans, and training orders. It also organized workshops and conducted training activities

Other specific contributions included:

  • Reviewing procedures for the management of training interventions (Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Namibia)
  • Developing and recommending strategies for improving the selection, programming, and monitoring of trainees (Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Ethiopia, Senegal, Namibia, Benin, and Zambia)
  • Developing mechanisms for evaluating and report the results of USAID’s training investments (Senegal, Zambia, and Guinea)

As part of the indefinite quantity contract component of the HRDA contract, AMEX responded to task orders for technical assistance in a timely, cost-effective fashion, providing high-caliber specialists for a wide range of program design, evaluation, and management engineering tasks (Senegal, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Madagascar, Cape Verde, and Tanzania).

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