Afghanistan and Pakistan are both countries with deep strategic importance to the United States and the rest of the international community. As has been seen, problems in those nations have a tendency to cross borders and affect people even on the other side of the globe. Because of this, Afghanistan and Pakistan assistance programs are the two largest of USAID’s programs, totaling over $3 billion for economic growth, health, education, and conflict mitigation.

Effective management and implementation of programs this size requires significant competent and effective support, which AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) is providing to USAID’s Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan (OAPA). Since October 2011, AMEX has assisted OAPA with a staff of highly skilled personnel providing programmatic, administrative, logistical, and technical support to OAPA in managing its programs and activities in the region. AMEX supplies short- and long-term personnel as needed for planning, monitoring, coordinating, and reporting on bureau and mission program activities to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively implemented.

“We have program specialists who are responsible for administrative functions including logistics, training, and travel for USAID folks going out to Afghanistan and Pakistan,” explains AMEX Vice President of Compliance LaShaunda Brown-Proctor. “And we have the technical expertise. We have the desk officers who support the missions. We have an AMEX employee who is supporting the deputy administrator of the agency. We have one who is managing all of the social media for the bureau.”

“Our folks are doing an amazing job,” she continues. “They are consistently making sure they uphold the agency’s mission.”

AMEX monitors the implementation of program and reconstruction and rehabilitation activities, with an emphasis on identifying constraints, issues, and logistical needs. AMEX is also responsible for providing expert advice on the technical feasibility, appropriateness, and value of proposed changes in reconstruction activities, as well as for supporting coordination with other donors, NGOS, civil society groups, government officials, and the military.

AMEX is recognized for the excellence of this work. “Our event this morning was very successful and did us proud, allowing us to host some of the top development partners in the world and make it effective and seamless. Great job,” said USAID’s assistant to the administrator for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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