Reducing poverty, increasing incomes and improving nutrition with our range of agricultural efforts focused on working with smallholder farmers through entire value chains.

Improving agriculture and food production in the developing world is an ongoing challenge. While many millions rely completely on what they can grow as their source of food, farmers around the world are also increasingly supplying markets in Europe and North America. However, traditional farming methods are not always the most efficient, and make it difficult to meet the import standards required by many developed nations.

AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) has years of experience working with farmers and agribusinesses to improve their yields, expand export potential, and strengthen their role in global value chains. The firm’s experts provide training on growing and harvesting techniques and work to increase access to market information enabling farmers to make more informed decisions about the most sustainable crops to grow and better estimate selling prices, so they can begin moving out of poverty.

AMEX experts have:

  • Trained farmers in nursery construction, sustainable agronomic practices, safe use of agrochemicals, and proper record keeping
  • Encouraged effective pest management techniques
  • Developed comprehensive market information systems and effective electronic marketing systems
  • Evaluated agriculture programs for effectiveness

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