Improving livelihoods and enhancing competitiveness through trade, job creation and private sector engagement across a variety of sectors.

AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) has a long history of designing and implementing countrywide strategies for private-sector development and trade expansion. AMEX’s business development consulting services have involved the design and implementation of comprehensive programs to encourage local participation in small business creation, entrepreneurship and trade.

AMEX’s pragmatic approach and broad expertise in private-sector development start with the hands-on experience of the firm’s principals, who have formed and operated several business enterprises in developing countries and have marketed their products in the United States and Europe. Through the establishment and management of these ventures, AMEX has been involved at all stages of the business process including:

  • Negotiating for permits and licenses
  • Arranging financing for investment and operating capital from both local and foreign sources
  • Securing foreign partners and technical expertise
  • Transferring management skills through training of host-country nationals
  • Marketing of products to wholesalers and retailers
  • Risk assessment and credit availability
  • Fiscal and monetary policies and their influence on business operations
  • The impact of import and export restrictions on trade

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