Driving creative solutions to managing natural resources and addressing climate change as a foundation for sustainable economic growth

Given the large percentage of Africa’s population living in rural areas dependent on the land for their livelihood, governments on the continent need to pay particular attention to sustainable use of natural resources. Drought, pollution, and deforestation and desertification are all existential threats that hang over too many of Africa’s people. Governments, donors, and other partners must work together to help the people of Africa become more resilient and better able to face both existing environmental challenges and the coming challenges of climate change.

AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) has helped governments across Africa to establish policies encouraging sustainable natural resource use, from increasing community-based natural resource management in The Gambia to developing strategies for women’s input in natural resources decision-making in Mali.

AMEX has expertise in:

  • National environmental plan analysis
  • Gender and the environment
  • Community-based natural resources management
  • Environmental program evaluation
  • Regulatory policy frameworks
  • Program management
  • Environmental technical support services


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