Recruiting, managing and retaining the best talent and unique expertise required to support the important operational and programmatic efforts of our clients.

Every program, whether operating on a small budget or with multiple millions of dollars, relies on the skills and expertise of its people for success. Finding just the right staff members or technical experts for a program requires an inherent understanding of that program’s needs and access to an extensive network of talent.

AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) has an exceptionally strong record in the provision of human resources, administrative, and technical services. Through its worldwide database of technical experts and administrative support staff, the firm is consistently able to quickly recruit and place the right people in every position.

AMEX can fill openings for:

  • Technical experts in any sector
  • Training services
  • Logistical support
  • Event planning
  • Procurement and shipping
  • Program management
  • Budget analysis
  • Clerical support
  • Communications
  • IT and facilities management

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