Leading and conducting rigorous design and implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation programs to assess impact and sustainable results.

Every year, the international donor community implements countless programs to improve the lives of people in the world’s poorest countries, from expanding economic opportunities and increasing transparency in governance, to enhancing food production techniques. How well these programs work to achieve their intended goals remains an ongoing concern, which is often improved through rigorous monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategies.

AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) has implemented dozens of program evaluations worldwide to strengthen learning and improve aid effectiveness for over nine years. AMEX’s M&E and sector experts use participative, rigorous methods based on international standards and “best practices” to understand program impacts and improve program performance, learning, and accountability. AMEX’s inclusive approaches also build local capacity and enhance host-country ownership through:

  • Systematic, integrated engagement
  • Peer-to-peer “evidence or learning forums”
  • Collaboration, coordination, and cooperation grounded in local solutions

AMEX’s approach reflects a sound understanding of the context of each M&E activity to incorporate changes in the operating environment. As a result, AMEX’s M&E findings, conclusions, and recommendations strengthen adaptive management of client programs to maximize development outcomes.

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